Shoreline Restoration

Shoreline Restoration

Protecting and Re-Naturalizing Our Shorelines

• A minimum of 75% of the shoreline of our lakes should be natural or re-naturalized (regenerative) just to maintain water quality and lake health as it is

• At less than 75% natural or regenerative, our lakes’ water quality will degrade

Natural shorelines do so much for our lakes

• Filter pollutants such as phosphorous before it can enter and harm our lakes

• Provide habitat for the things we love

• 80-90% of all life on our lakes depend on natural shorelines at some point during their lives

Here are a few links with information on protection and re-naturalization our shorelines:

Coalition of Haliburton Associations (CHA) – Shoreline Health Help

Shoreline Plant Search (CHA) – Find the best native shoreline plants for the condition on your property