Shoreline Restoration 2020

Unfortunately, the KLCOA has had to cancel Shoreline Restoration activities and demonstrations for 2020 during the pandemic.  Two shoreline restoration workshops were sponsored by the KLCOA in 2019 and, participants were instructed on the best ways to locate and plant native species to naturalize, absorb nutrients from septic systems, reduce erosion and support pollinators and other fauna.

Native species planted included:

 Sweet Oxeye, Blue Flag Iris, Zigzag Goldenrod, Alternate Leaf Dogwood, Nannyberry, Common Elderberry, Ninebark, Yarrow, Red Maple, Canada Anemone, New England Aster

The KLCOA was delighted to have the workshops supported by Grow Wild Native Plant Nursery in Omemee Ontario.   You can still obtain these plants from Grow Wild!

Grow Wild can be contacted at

Abbey Gardens have partnered with the KLCOA over the past few years to provide native ants and a pick-up location for the KLCOA tree and native plant program.  Abbey Gardens also has a selection of native plants for sale on an ongoing basis. 

Please contact Abbey Gardens to check for plant availability.