Septic Inspections

Septic Inspections

Since Dysart Council passed its Septic Re-Inspection Bylaw in December of 2017 hundreds of Kennisis property owners have followed the defined process and completed the required septic inspection.

To date over 100 septic systems have been found to be in need of repair, upgrade or replacement and the necessary work has been completed. Some of the required repairs were relatively minor and inexpensive. The water in our lakes is and will remain cleaner as a result.

The inspection activity has been especially strong so far in 2019. The KLCOA and your neighbours appreciate the efforts of so many owners in completing the inspection process and any required repairs. The quality of the water in our lakes will benefit for many years to come.

The KLCOA reminds all Kennisis property owners that completion of the defined septic inspection is mandatory and the related paperwork must be submitted no later than December 31, 2019. Under the laws of Ontario property owners who fail to comply with the by-law can be subject to severe penalties. Please do your part in protecting the health of our lakes.

Everything you need to know about the process is available by clicking here.

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