Roadside Clean Up – A Huge Thanks

Roadside Clean Up – A Huge Thanks

Roadside Cleanup Completed – A Huge Thanks

The sun was shining on Saturday morning but most importantly more than two dozen enthusiastic volunteers came out to help clean up the litter along Kennisis Lake Road from Caboodle Lane north to beyond Wilkinson Road where the County Road 7 ends.
We are very fortunate to have such wonderful people from around our lakes pitching in and helping to make the drive to the lake a little more scenic for everyone.

The amount of litter that accumulated since last summer is both amazing and discouraging. Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone taught their kids, while they are young and impressionable, just how ignorant it is to toss trash out the window while driving along our roads and highways. Unfortunately some people are indescribably rude and inconsiderate.

The litter cleaned up included a refrigerator door, an electric panel, way too empty beer cans, cigarette butts and coffee cups and even a bong.  Many of the beer cans were donated to charity. By the time the work was completed more than two truck loads were hauled off to the dump.

In any case a huge thank you to everyone who pitched in on Saturday morning. Every volunteer can be proud of the difference their efforts made. The names of all of the volunteers will be recognized on the KLCOA Volunteer List for 2018.  Your commitment to our community is greatly appreciated.