Responsible Cottage Renting

Responsible Cottage Renting

Responsible Cottage Renting in Our Community

Like many municipalities across Ontario, the recent popularity of online platforms such as Airbnb, VRBO and other rental accommodation websites has led to an evolution in the way in which many residential properties are being used within our Haliburton community, and most particularly within the Kennisis Lakes waterfront areas.

It is recognized that rental accommodation is an important component of the economic well being of the Haliburton community, however some consideration needs to be made to address many issues including but not limited to zoning infractions, noise, parking, building deficiencies, health and safety and environmental impacts. Further, recognizing the focus on maintaining our excellent water quality, many in the community would want to ensure that septic systems are being used in accordance with their designed capacity.

The KLCOA has been contacted by many members who are concerned about the proliferation of Short Term Rentals (STR) on our lakes. The term “Short Term Rental” typically describes residential dwellings which are rented over a short period of time (e.g. less than 30 days) for monetary gain. Cottage rentals may take many forms on our lakes. There are those that rent to family and friends, while the owners are on vacation elsewhere, those that use local cottage rental agencies to rent out the cottage when the owners are not using their property during prime season and those who continually rent the property as investment income or on a commercial basis.

In an effort to minimize land use conflicts and ensure responsible environmental stewardship, while recognizing the rights of private land owners, and acknowledging the valuable contribution of rental accommodation on the local economy and property values, the KLCOA is considering approaching the Municipality of Dysart and Haliburton County to indicate our members’ concerns regarding Short Term Rentals and to request that both a public education program and some form of STR regulation be considered.

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