New Details on Mandatory Septic Inspections

New Details on Mandatory Septic Inspections

UPDATED – Dysart Provides New Details on Mandatory Septic Inspections

Dysart has announced more details on its mandatory septic inspection program and provided a list of qualified inspectors

The update released by Dysart in mid March 2018 is available here

The updated inspector list is available here

The related inspection form is available here 

Key points to note:

  • A pump-out is required as part of the inspection process
  • The inspection must be performed by an Ontario licensed septic inspector and cannot be performed by the pump-out contractor
  • Property owners are encouraged to proceed with inspections and then submit copies of the inspection report to Dysart
  • Inspections of septic systems on properties located on Kennisis Lake, Little Kennisis Lake, Paddy’s Bay and Kelly Lake must be completed by the end of 2019. We expect Dysart will soon be sending letters to affected property owners
  • Septic systems installed within 5 years of the start of the required inspection period are exempt. For our Kennisis area that means inspections will not be required for systems installed since 2013

Previous Inspections

Inspections completed under the program organized by the KLCOA during the summer of 2017 will be accepted.  Mike Rahme of HomePro, who did those inspections, has asked Dysart for permission to submit the inspection reports directly.  Assuming Dysart approves this HomePro will advise the related property owners by email and no further action will be required by the owners who received a “pass”.  Where follow-up repairs were required the property owners will need to submit proof of completion of required repairs to the Dysart Building Inspector in order to avoid the need for a further inspection.

In addition other Kennisis area property owners who have had a comprehensive inspection of their septic system, including a pump out, performed by an Ontario licensed inspector since 2013 (say as part of a real estate transaction) will be exempted if the related paperwork is submitted to the Dysart building officials.

Selecting an Inspector

Education related to the effective operation of each septic system is an important part of the process and so the KLCOA strongly encourages property owners to be present during the inspection of their system.  This is a wonderful opportunity to gain knowledge from an expert about about the unique characteristics of your system and specific steps you can take to improve its efficiency.

The KLCOA recommends that property owners seek estimates from multiple approved inspectors.  Look for an inspector who will not only complete the required paperwork but will also commit time to educate you on specific actions to care for your system and provide a comprehensive written report to you.  This report should include suggestions which could improve the efficiency of the system and a recommendation regarding the date of the next pump out.  This education will help extend the life of your septic system.

Inspectors may or may not have a suggested pumper.  In either case the selection of a pumper is ultimately the property owner’s decision and payment should be made separately.  Experience tells us that the best rates from both inspectors and pumpers result from owners combining their schedule dates with others in the area so that multiple inspections can be completed in a single day.

Beyond identifying the location of your septic tank, uncovering both lids and gathering any available paperwork (installation permits, pump out records, etc.) the KLCOA is not aware of any steps a property owner should take prior to the inspection.  Let the inspector do his work and tell you if any repairs are required in order to get a pass.

Frequency of Inspections

Some have asked about the frequency of future inspections.  The current by-law provides no direction in that regard.  Based on the published schedule one can reasonably assume another inspection will not be required in the next twelve years although it is possible this schedule could be changed.

Additional Information 

Those with additional questions may wish to review the actual Dysart by-law as passed in December 2017.

The entire Dysart Septic Re-Inspection Bylaw is available here

The KLCOA will continue to share new information and suggestions regarding septic inspections and septic maintenance in the months to come.

As we have previously reported, the KLCOA firmly believes these inspections will help protect the water quality of our lakes in the years to come.  We appreciate the efforts of the Council and staff at Dysart in moving forward with this program.

KLCOA Sponsored Inspection Open House

The KLCOA will be hosting another Septic Inspection Open House on June 16, 2018 so that members can learn more about the inspection process.  Attendees will have a chance to win a half price inspection and pump out.  Additional details will follow.

Questions may be directed to, a KLCOA volunteer who is not in the septic business.