KLCOA Order your 2020 Calendars NOW!

KLCOA Order your 2020 Calendars NOW!

2020 Kennisis Lake Calendar – 1st One Ever

Thank you to everyone who submitted photos for the 2020 Kennisis Lake Calendar.  Over 250 photos were submitted, so as you can imagine the task of selecting 37 was daunting.

We are missing photo identification for some photos that were
uploaded to the ftp drive (not those emailed directly to Janis).
As some of these photos were selected, we would appreciate you
reaching out to Janis Parker at janis@parkerpad.com with your
name and a description of your photo in order for us to include photo identification in the calendar.
We only need the ones that are missing names in the calendar – you can see the whole calendar in the link below.

The calendar is now ready for ordering!  The final price is $9.50 each and
this price includes postage if you choose to have it mailed.  (Mailing in
Canada only).  If you want your calendars guaranteed before Christmas
please choose the ‘pickup’ option and plan to pick them up in
Haliburton.  Pickup details will be included with your order.

View the Entire 2020 Kennisis Lake Calendar Here!

ORDER your 2020 Kennisis Lake Calendar Here!

Deadline for ordering is December 15, 2020.

Anyone recognize this picture as one they submitted