County of Haliburton Shoreline Preservation By-law

County of Haliburton Shoreline Preservation       By-law

Update:  March 17 meeting ammended due to COVID-19 The County scheduled March 17 meeting where the council was to discuss the proposed bylaw in order to prepare an updated draft for further public consultation has been ammended as follows: The review of the shoreline preservation by-law will be postponed indefinitely.  We understand there is significant interest in the community about the draft by-law, with a large number of people planning to attend, and want to provide assurances that there will be extensive notice provided when we are once again able to conduct business as usual.
Here is the full text of the Amended Meeting notice.


The County of Haliburton Shoreline Preservation Bylaw has been in the news a lot over the last few weeks. The KLCOA is monitoring this and has been in discussions with the Coalition of Haliburton Property Owners Association (CHA) and other Lake Associations

The KLCOA is monitoring this and has been in discussions with the Coalition of Haliburton Property Owners Association (CHA) and other Lake Associations. In one of our recent eblasts, an opportunity was given to our members to give input to the consultation process and the KLCOA has submitted a letter. There have been a lot of presentations, consultations and discussions leading up to this draft bylaw. The KLCOA will continue to stay on top of this and keep the membership informed.                                                                                                     

Draft Bylaw report to the County Council sharing both the results of their survey and the proposed bylaw.

CHA presentation to County Council on March 3, 2020

Planet Haliburton’s Short Takes (Canoe FM) –  an overview of the why’s and what’s of the shoreline preservation bylaw.

Letter from KLCOA to the County Council

March 10 meeting – Environment Haliburton “Shining Light on the Bylaw Debate” – see details here.

Please be advised that the County of Haliburton Council is having a special meeting on Tuesday, March 17th at 8:30 am regarding the draft shoreline preservation by-law. Agenda:…/MeetingInformation.aspx…

Please see the below message from Carol Moffatts – Algonquin Highlands Mayor and member of the Haliburton County Council re the objective of the March 17th meeting.

UPDATE Algonquin Highlands Mayor – Carol Moffatt – Let’s Review – March 14

– Firstly and most importantly: There’s no room here for threats, name-calling, and seeking revenge against those with differing views by boycotting their businesses. Yes, these things are happening and it makes for a sad, sad day here in the Highlands

– The current Shoreline Preservation document is a DRAFT

– Its purpose is to preserve lake and shore health, not to implement a full moratorium on shore lands and wreck everything (some folks feel the latter is true)

– Yes, it’s strongly worded and more than a wee bit confusing

– No member of Council is committed to the draft as written

– The Special Meeting of Council this coming Tuesday March 17th will be the first fulsome discussion on the draft document by County Council, it’s NOT a vote to approve or oppose – gosh, we’re nowhere near that!

– Questions and concerns should be directed to the four Mayors and Deputy Mayors who form County Council, not to the lower tier Councillors who won’t have this matter at their council tables for months yet.

– Find the contact info for YOUR County Councillor on the County website here:

– Changes to shoreline protection have been under discussion in public meetings since 2017 (a full 20 times according to the chart I’ve crafted to trace its evolution)

– It’s been reported on in the Times, the Echo and the Highlander newspapers on 11 occasions since 2017; it’s been reported on by Canoe FM and Moose FM; and has been raised by some Councillors at some lake association AGMs

– Yes, we know that lake associations don’t represent all taxpayers – Given the above, that folks may not have known it’s been under discussion in public meetings or the subject of local press for the past 2 ½ years isn’t the fault of Council or staff

– To remedy this, I encourage subscription to any municipal meeting here:

– There’s no shady business here – there was always GOING to be public consultation, including during the summer season, but that part hasn’t been organized just yet

– Yes, we HAVE already had green algal blooms in HalCty – No, it doesn’t say you would have to tear out your deck, dock, BBQ, sauna or fire pit

– Yes, it sure is a shame that bad (selfish?) stewardship by some means we even NEED to consider firmer regulations for the many

– Yes, more public education needs to be part of the equation

– No, we can’t just “up the fines” and call it a day

– Whether you support or oppose the draft or are somewhere in between, we hear you loud and clear!

– There’s no email-based vote, no registry, and no stick count thereof being done, and the public will have plenty of time to participate in the transparent, public process

– Concerns, questions and suggestions are heartily welcomed however crusty emails get deleted, and angry tirades on social media (if they’re even seen) don’t influence decisions

– In order for this to BE a community discussion, we must be allowed adequate time to PLAN a community discussion (patience grasshopper…)

– My email address is “If we desire a society that is democratic, then democracy must become a means as well as an end.” Bayard Rustin

Oh, and wash your hands …