Helpful Septic Inspection Facts

Helpful Septic Inspection Facts

The KLCOA is committed to helping property owners comply with Dysart’s mandatory septic re-inspection requirements in the easiest and most effective fashion possible.

Any owner (say as part of a real estate transaction) who has had an inspection, which included a pump out, completed by a licensed inspector anytime since January 1, 2013 should submit that paperwork to Dysart and as a result will be not be required to complete another inspection under the new Dysart program.

In terms of preparing for an inspection, owners should attempt to find their “Septic Use Permit”. The permit may have been issued by either the Kawartha District Health Unit or the Dysart et al Building Department. The permit will tell the owner and the inspector about the approved capacity and characteristics of your septic system. Ask your selected inspector about their potential need for this permit.  If necessary, your inspector can obtain a copy of the Septic Use Permit for your property from Dysart at no cost to you.

Prior to the arrival of the inspector the owner may wish to ensure all septic lids are easily accessible. Some inspectors may charge extra to find and uncover the lids. However under no circumstances should a home owner remove the lids from their systems. Doing so can be extremely dangerous. Leave this task for the professionals.

Wondering About How to Select an Inspector

Dysart now has twelve inspectors on its approved list. In an effort to help owners select an inspector the KLCOA recently sent a set of ten questions to every approved inspector. We will be sharing their responses at the Spring Meeting on May 19th. Be there to learn what the inspectors had to say.

In addition the KLCOA will be holding one final septic inspection open house on the morning of Saturday June 16th. Further details will be shared at the Spring Meeting and published on this website later in May. Karl Korpela, Chief Building Official for Dysart, will be conducting the inspection at this open house. You will have a chance to see exactly what is required for a proper inspection. In addition many of the approved inspectors will be present at this open house so you will have a chance to speak with them in order to help make your selection decision.

We will continue sharing facts about this important program in the weeks to come.

Questions or concerns may be directed to, a KLCOA volunteer who is not in the septic business.