Fall Meeting 2020

The Fall Meeting of the KLCOA membership takes place on the Saturday of Labour Day weekend each year.  This meeting is usually the Annual General Meeting of the Association.  At this meeting reports of various activities, events and financial matters are shared with the membership by the current Board members.  Every second year (odd numbered years) at the AGM the KLCOA members present elect Board members for the coming two year term (2021 is next voting meeting).

The KLCOA Letters Patent and By-laws, which provide further details of the AGM and the Board structure, along with Minutes of past meetings can be found by clicking here.

Due to Covid-19 the 2020 Fall Meeting will take place on Wednesday September 16th via a Zoom virtual session at 7:30. More details to follow, on how to pre-register and submit questions. To register for the meeting Click here to register for Virtual AGM