Draft Shoreline Preservation Bylaw Update #1 #2 #3 #4

Draft Shoreline Preservation Bylaw Update #1 #2 #3 #4

UPDATE #4 – Jan 17, 2021There will be a Special Meeting of County Council to discuss the Shoreline Preservation Bylaw on Wed, Jan 27 starting at 1pm. The agenda will be available here once it is posted.

UPDATE #3 – Jan 15, 2021 Haliburton County now has their Shoreline Bylaw Concern Form up on the website. This link also provides all of the documentation around the draft bylaw


We encourage all members to review the proposed bylaw and make your opinions known through this form. A proper balance can only be achieved if all voices are heard.
We understand that the date for public consultation meeting previously reported as late February has been moved to some time in March. We will continue to update you as details become available.

UPDATE #2 – Jan 12, 2021 Haliburton County has an area on their website (link below) that has all of the current documents related to the proposed Shoreline Preservation bylaw including the updated draft. There is also an opportunity to ‘Register to Have your Say’ on the same page.
The KLCOA position on the draft Shoreline Preservation bylaw includes
support in principle for the bylaw and for comprehensive public consultation so that all of our members will have the opportunity to ask questions and voice their opinions in a constructive way to ensure the best final outcome.

UPDATE #1 – Jan 9, 2021 The KLCOA has always been and still is committed to preserving our lake quality for future generations. As part of this commitment, responsible shoreline management is key.

The KLCOA has published factual information for the membership over the past years regarding the proposed bylaw and the public consultation opportunities. The KLCOA has sent two letters to the County of Haliburton supporting the proposed bylaw in principle, with the understanding that the process of working through the detailed content would be a long and inclusive process. We also support the consultation process that the County of Haliburton has proposed, which would allow our members to voice their
The KLCOA has always been and still is committed to preserving our lake quality for future generations. As part of this commitment, responsible shoreline management is key. opinions through a number of public consultation opportunities.

The County of Haliburton Council has worked through the draft bylaw a number of times taking into account previous public consultation input and made a number of changes. There will be another opportunity for public consultation on the proposed draft bylaw on February 24. More details on this upcoming meeting will be available on the County of Haliburton website.

The KLCOA is committed to continuing to provide our members with as much factual information as possible as it becomes available before this consultation opportunity. We hope that our members will take the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the official published documents about the proposed bylaw before forming their individual opinions on the details and process. There has been a significant amount of biased, misleading and non-factual information posted on community social media sites that unfortunately does not support a responsible and balanced consultation process.

Although our water quality in the Kennisis Lakes is relatively good, it has degraded over time as evidenced by the data and reports that the KLCOA has provided to our membership which shows increasing nutrient loading (primary nutrient is phosphorus). The primary contributor to the water quality degradation is the nutrients from our septic systems. As waterfront property owners, we have two ways, that are within our control, to maintain or improve our water quality:
• Septic Health – Proper septic system operation and maintenance.
• Healthy Properties and Shorelines – Provide a buffer for control and removal of nutrients before they enter our lakes.

The KLOCA and the Coalition of Haliburton Property Owners’ Association are supportive of the shore line initiative in principal and strongly support the consultation process, and believe a positive outcome is possible which balances the interests of all.

The KLCOA will continue to provide factual documents and information as it becomes available.