Blue-Green Algae Blooms

Blue-Green Algae Blooms

There have been two recent confirmed reports of small Blue-green algae blooms, one in Weismiller Bay on Lake Muskoka and the other in Ten Mile Bay on Lake of Bays.
There has been a lot of confusion about what they are and why they
happen. Here are 2 excellent sites that give you all of the information you need.
Government of Ontario Information on Blue-Green Algae Blooms Ontario Ministry of Environment –

Coalition of Haliburton Property Owners’ Associations on Lake Health and Algae Blooms

While Kennisis Lake has never had a confirmed case of blue-green algae bloom it is important that we continue our stewardship of the Lake to ensure we never do.

One key factor contributing to the growth of blue-green algae is the amount of available nutrients such as phosphorus and nitrogen.

Blue-green algal blooms can be caused by agricultural and stormwater runoff as well as leaching from septic systems.

In Ontario, phosphorus tends to be the nutrient that influences the growth of algae.

Take these simple steps to prevent the growth of blue-green algae:

• use phosphate-free detergents, personal care and household cleaning products
• avoid using fertilizers on lawns, especially fertilizers that contain phosphorus
• maintain a natural shoreline on lake and riverfront properties
• reduce agricultural runoff by planting or maintaining vegetation along waterways and
minimizing fertilizer use
• check septic systems to ensure they do not leak into the water source