Art on the Dock T-shirt and Print Sales

Art on the Dock T-shirt and Print Sales

Once again this year as part of Art on the Dock we are offering for sale high quality t-shirts and signed limited edition prints of Wilf McOstrich‘s wonderful “Leonardo Creates His Mooser Lisa” painting – a unique Kennisis work of art.

T-shirts are available in 5 sizes in each of the “regular” and “exhibitor” styles. Both styles have a large Mooser Lisa design printed on the back and a small but distinctive AOTD logo on the front. The regular t-shirt comes in a bold white and the exhibitor style comes in a stylish gold colour with “Exhibitor” printed below the AOTD logo. T-shirts are only $25 with no extra charges for tax or delivery.

We can only guarantee availability of t-shirts by style and size to those who place orders in advance – either through our convenient new on-line shopping application or by making payment at our Spring Meeting on May 19th.

Only 50 signed limited edition prints are being produced. Once these are sold no more will be available. The price is just $30 each with no extra charges for tax or delivery. Order online or at the Spring Meeting.

T-shirts and prints will be available for pick up at the Ladies of the Lake Luncheon on June 30th. Alternatively, pick up or delivery can be arranged at a convenient time in early July or at AOTD.

Net proceeds from the sale of t-shirts and limited edition prints will go toward the fundraising AOTD provides to the Artists in the Schools program in Haliburton County. Buyers will not only look great but they will feel great knowing they helped with this worthwhile initiative.

Place your order right now so you don’t miss out.  Visit our Store from the KLCOA Home Page or simply (Click here)

Payment can be made online either by debit/credit card (through the PayPal link) or from your PayPal account.  Cash or cheque can be accepted at the Spring Meeting.


A very warm thanks to our AOTD sponsors Parker Pad & Printing and Viper Marketing.