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Stewardship News

  • On Tuesday February 9, Environment Haliburton will be hosting an Enviro Cafe webinar on blue-green algae called “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” with Dr. Elizabeth Favot, Assistant Lake Stewardship Co-ordinator for (FOCA) the Federation of Ontario Cottagers’ Association. Details and registration link can be found here!

  • I am writing this letter to the KLCOA membership as a result of concerns over recent information and dialog being propagated on social media regarding the Proposed Draft Shoreline Preservation Bylaw.  Unfortunately, there is a lot of mis-quotes and mis-leading information being shared.  I understand that some people are upset and frustrated.  The KLCOA will...

  • The municipality of Dysart et al has completed the Area 1 Septic Re-Inspection Program and issued a summary report of the results in the in the Dysart Council Agenda for the January 26, 2021 Council meeting. The report can be found here SEPTIC REPORT LINKCompletion of the Septic Inspection Program is good news for our...