2020 KLCOA Calendar of Events – Revised Program Schedule as of June 22

2020 KLCOA Calendar of Events – Revised Program Schedule as of June 22

The KLCOA board has completed a risk assessment on the balance of our summer programs based on the current COVID-19 pandemic safety concerns.  Looking at timelines for registration and event organization, as well as federal, provincial and local guidelines we have made some final decisions for the summer.   Thank you to our members for understanding some of the tough decisions that have been made

2020 Ladies of the Lake Luncheon (July 4) – CANCELLED

2020 Canada Day Fireworks (July 4) – POSTPONED to August 1(Now Cancelled for August 1) Possible postponement to September 5. See Details below

2020 Swimming Lessons (July 13 to August 21) – CANCELLED

2020 Rock Bass Fishing Derby (July 11) – GOING AHEAD with strict COVID-19 protocols in place (See details below)

The annual Kennisis Lake Rock Bass Fishing Derby, will be taking place on Saturday July 11th.

This is during the period which the Province of Ontario has designated license free for 2020, allowing everyone to participate with or without a fishing license. Every year the KLCOA organizes a friendly competition to see who can catch the most Rock Bass. Rock Bass are an invasive species in the Kennisis Lakes, damaging our Trout population.  

Come out and join us for a fun day of fishing while helping to reduce the number of Rock Bass in our lakes. Anyone interested in taking part can register by email at neelys@sympatico.ca or by texting Mike at 905-626-2463. You can register in pairs or individually in one of two categories, 12 years and under or 13 years and over. Final weigh in of total pounds of rock bass caught will take place at 5:00 pm at the bridge between Big and Little Kennisis Lake. Prizes will be awarded after a weigh in and the whole catch is disposed of.

Please be aware of the provincial guidelines for social distancing on boat and on shore during the COVID 19 pandamic and maintain a 6ft distance from those around you during weigh in.  No more than 10 people at a time can be at the weigh in so please be patient and willing to float until your turn.   

Looking forward to seeing everyone!! Good luck!

2020 Art on the Dock (July 11 & 12) – POSTPONED to August 8 and 9 (Going ahead with strict COVID-19 protocols in place)

2020 Regatta (August 1) – CANCELLED

2020 Sailing Regatta (August 2) – Going ahead with strict COVID-19 protocols in place

2020 Sailing Series – Going ahead with strict COVID-19 protocols in place

2020 Fall AGM – Will be a virtual meeting on Wednesday, September 16 at 7:30pm details will follow at a closer date.


In order to set off the traditional fireworks display that we have all come to enjoy so much over the years, there are a number of things that have to fall into place each year.  Our pyrotechnic expert (who must have a supervisor licence to set off displays) has to apply for and receive an event license from the municipality.  Only then can he order the commercial fireworks required to put on a stellar display.  As you can imagine, there is a lead time to ensure that we can get the best fireworks possible.  

This year we have a couple of COVID-19 factors that have resulted in us having to postpone and possibly cancel the display for this summer.  These include:

1.  As this is considered a public event with spectators watching from both boat and land, we cannot get a license from the municipality until the COVID-19 group size restrictions loosen substantially. We cannot order our fireworks without this license and there is no expectation that group size will increase substantially in the lead time we have.

2.  Setting off the fireworks display is a professionally orchestrated process handled by our pyrotechnic supervisor and two additional assistants who have to work side-by-side in close proximity to set off the display.  This cannot be done following COVID-19 protocols.

The board is discussing the possibility of a Labor Day display if we can meet all of the requirements.  Again there are a number of things to consider:
– Will all of the restrictions be lifted as mentioned above
– Will we still have sufficient lead time to get everything in place
– Will we have our pyrotechnic expert available for deployment
– Will there be enough people in September to warrant the expense of the display.

We have decided to ask the membership – which we did via our eblast on June 22