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Kennisis Lakes Fish Program

Kennisis Lake Broad-Scale Fisheries Monitoring

The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources is doing a netting fish survey in September on Kennisis Lake.  There will be nets set up for 24 hour periods from September 8 to 17, 2010.

The nets will be clearly marked with MNR buoys, and lake users are asked to avoid recreational activities in these areas.  Establishing the health of the Kennisis Fishery was one of the initiatives that was identified as a priority in the Kennisis Lake Plan.  The MNR fish survey is intended to provide information about the fish species and their populations in our lakes.  Please make every not to do not disturb the nets over the next two weeks. 

Broad-Scale Fisheries Monitoring
MNR Netting Fish Survey

This operation is part of the Broad-Scale Fisheries Monitoring program MNR began implementing across Ontario.

The information collected will help MNR manage our fish populations effectively, and monitor the health of our lakes.

Ecological Framework for Fisheries Management

The Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) is implementing a broad-scale fisheries monitoring program across Ontario. Broad-scale fisheries monitoring is a program which monitors the health of fish populations by collecting fish, fishing activity and water quality information across a broad geographic area.   In June, 2008, teams of biologists and technicians began conducting netting surveys on various inland lakes across the province.  In southern Ontario, MNR will survey approximately 54 lakes across Fisheries Management Zones 12, 15, 16, 17 and 18.  This area includes the Ottawa River, and the land base stretching from Windsor to Ottawa, and north to Parry Sound and Algonquin Park.    A variety of information will be recorded from the fish caught during the netting surveys, including fish species, sex, age, length, weight, and general health.  This will be used to determine sport fish abundance, life history characteristics of key species, and the diversity of the fish community.  Some fish will also be sampled to assess contaminant levels.   Technicians will also collect water samples, measuring lake water temperature and oxygen levels, and checking for invasive species. In addition, there will be aerial surveys conducted throughout the summer and into the winter to help estimate the number anglers fishing the lakes. Monitoring our fish and the health of our lakes provides fisheries managers with the information they need to make effective decisions.  It also allows MNR to regularly report to the public on the state of the fisheries. This is the first year of a five-year cycle to collect information under this program.  Over the five year period, MNR plans to monitor approximately 255 lakes across this geography.  Half of the lakes selected will be fixed sites, and monitored once every five years.  The other half will be selected randomly at the beginning of every 5-year monitoring cycle. Information gathered from the fixed lake sites will provide better detection of trends, while the variable lakes will provide information on the overall status of the fisheries resource within the fisheries management zone.   Broad scale monitoring of our fisheries is one of the key components of the Ecological Framework for Fisheries Management in Ontario.  The framework was implemented by MNR in 2005, and focuses on:

  • New ecological Fisheries Management Zones
  • Managing and monitoring fisheries at the broader landscape level
  • Enhanced stewardship, and
  • Regular Reporting on the state of fisheries in Ontario

More Information

Kennisis Lake Fish Program - program description and history (PDF)

Fishing Diary - fishing diary for use by participating anglers (PDF)


For further information please contact Jim Prince or Gary Benson (see Contacts)


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