Cottage Owners' Association and Lake Plan

Privacy Policy

Kennisis Lake Cottage Owners' Association (KLCOA) supports and abides by the requirements of the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Data Act (PIPEDA) and Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL). 

KLCOA does not sell, lease, rent out, lend or give out information lists containing personal information other than as required under the Ontario Not For Profit Corporations Act.

KLCOA's Membership List and any other list that contains personal information shall be stored in a secure place (be it in printed or electronic form) and be kept by the Membership Director.

The Association shall record and keep the following information on the membership for a period of seven (7) years but not more than eight (8) years: 

  • Their name(s)
  • Their lake residence and/or seasonal address
  • Their lake mailing address, if available.
  • Their off-lake and/or primary residential address, if available
  • Their email address(es) and/or phone numbers, if available 

The Association keeps this information for the purposes of:

  • Mailings (including newsletters and membership campaigns)
  • Determining which properties have not renewed their membership (due to reasons such as lapse, change of ownership, etc.) and to conduct membership drives
  • Determining which properties are members for members-only initiatives

The Membership Director may not give out, divulge, publish, loan or sell personal information from any Membership list except by written request by a board member for an immediate use by that board member.   Any such provided copy must not be kept by said Board member after its immediate intended use has been completed.

Any person whose personal information is on any Association list may request to view their personal information, correct it or have it removed.  The Association will ask members to opt-in to receive electronic communications.  The Association will also keep a list of persons (by first and last name only) who do not want further contact from the association.

For electronic communications, including the KLCOA web site, personal data is only collected with approval, using fair and lawful means, and only used for the purpose for which it was collected or as required by law.   (If a person clicks a link leading to other web sites, this privacy policy does not apply to those sites.)

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