Cottage Owners' Association and Lake Plan

Kennisis Lake Plan Maps

Map 3b - Road and Island Names - Updated March 2008

Updates include correction/addition of road names and the addition of many island names (as provided by the island owners).

Click on map image for download [10mb PDF].

A small JPEG version of this map is also available for download [1mb JPEG].



Map 4a - Boating & Navigation Hazards - Updated April 2008

This map provides the general location of rocks, shoals and boat launches.

Updates include additional navigation hazards reported in 2007.

Click on map image for download [2mb PDF].

For an official source of road names please see Haliburton County GIS.




Map 4b - Buoy Locations - Updated July 2015

This map provides the general location of the Yellow Buoys marking key hazards.

Note that NOT all navigation hazards have been marked. 

Click on map image for download [4.9mb PDF].








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