Cottage Owners' Association and Lake Plan

Volunteers - a big thanks

At Kennisis Lake, we are fortunate that so many people contribute their time and resources to our community. The various KLCOA events and initiatives wholly depend on these contributions. We wish to thank the following people who helped out during 2017: 


Gino Ariano

Sarah Ariano

Liz Austin

David Austin

Frank Avery

Susan Ball

Richard Baumann

Graham Beach

Gary Bouwmeister

Julie Bramm

Arlene Burch

Ross Campbell

Roy Campbell

Dave Carter

Ryerson Chamney

Mick Chonko

Gaby Cooke

Jack Cooke

Nicole Cooke

Margaret Cox

Beth DeMarsh

Grant DeMarsh

Lee Donely

Patiricia Dion

Cam Douglas

Craig Douglas

Scott Durie

Sandi English

Brian Evans

Tina Fagg

Ann Faulkner

Jeff Gardiner

Chris Gilmour

Karen Harper

Brent Heppell

Cathy Heppell

Peter Hewitt

Duncan Kent

Judy Kent

Edwin Kling

Ron Kozak

Joni Kwinter

Lynn Larson

Debbie Lambert

Sheelagh Lawrance

Leslie Lepine

Tony Lepine

Monte Lin

Gord MacDonald

Greg Matthews

Heather McCann

Ryan McCutcheon

Joan Middleton

John Middleton

Avondale Nixon

Dale Nixon

Susan Nixon

Terry O’Connor

Janis Parker

Jeff Pinkney

Jim Prince

Catherine Ranson

Ian Reston

Chris Riddle

Andi Rodgers

Rob Shaver

Brenda Smith

John Smith

Chris Snyder

Tracy Stewart

Rob Sumara

George Thiessen

Laura Thiessen

Tim Tibbs

Doug Turney

Tayce Wakefield

Shirlee Weeks

Cathy Whittaker

Liam Whittaker

Murray Whittaker

Natalie Wood

Graeme Woods

Deb Wratschko


Haliburton Forest and Wildlife Reserve

Kennisis Marina

Parker Pad and Printing

Viper Marketing

Windermere Resort


We apologize if we have missed a name.  We value all of our volunteers.  We try to capture every one of our helping hands but sometimes a few slip through the cracks.  If you recognize that someone is missing please let us know by sending an email to   Thanks very much.


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